How to avoid getting a
20 000 000 EUR fine
due to new GDPR law?

For that, upon registration,
You need Your clients’ permission
to process their personal data. How to do it the right way?

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How does it work?

Client inserts their ID-card into the reader, necessary data gets forwarded to Your database. System asks the client to provide their
e-mail address and phone number. System verifies the accuracy and validity of the e-mail address and phone number.
With ID-card
Without ID-card
Magnet Card
Meets GDPR requirements

Do you have a client base already?

Or how to keep existing clients?
Smart ID-card interconnection system with existing clients. Smart system will recognize the client at their next visit and connect their ID-card data with the client already in database. Doing all this in compliance with the new GDPR law.

Tablet features

8’ or 10’

ClientsTablet as advert tablet

Advertising space is taking too much room in the store? No problem, you can show your adverts in the tablet, when it's idle! You make the adverts, the tablet will show them.

Showing the client's shopping cart

Make your client's shopping experience more convenient! While the products are put through the cash register, the customer can see his shopping cart in KliendiTahvel, where he can see his products, amounts, prices and sum.

Birthday discounts

Make your clients happier on their birthday and let them know that they are in for a birthday discount.

How do You registrate Your clients?

Is Your method in compliance with GDPR? Can You verify if provided e-mail address and phone number are correct?
Filling method
Customer service representative fills
Manually filling a form
Using ID-card
Clients Tablet
Accuracy of the method
First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth
Phone number
In compliance with GDPR

adjust the fields, that need to be filled in

First Name
Date of Birth

Rate the service

After a new client has registered or a loyal customer has made a purchase, the system asks to
rate the service quality. The data will be sent to Your personal account.


Basic Functions
ID-card registration
After client has inserted their ID-card into the reader, it reads clients first and last name and date of birth. Client only has to manually enter their e-mail address and phone number.
Registrating with a magnet card
You’ve been registrating clients with a magnet card before and don’t want to lose it completely? No problem, our system supports registrating and validating with magnet cards!
Registrating with a contactless card(NFC)
ClientsTablet supports registrating through NFC aka contactless cards. (including the new Estonian ID-cards) It’s enough to swipe over the card reader with a contactless card or smart phone (that supports NFC) and the client can start the registration or validate themselves.
Verifying e-mail address with no spam.
We verify the e-mail address without sending an e-mail to the customer. This way we do not clog clients mailbox with unwanted e-mails, but can still check if provided e-mail address is active or not.
Phone number verification
In order to verify the phone number entered by the client, we send an SMS that has a combination of four numbers, client has to enter the numbers into the tablet to confirm the registration.
Let the customer read and agree to the GDPR requirement. Write Your own text or add to the existing one.
Register retail customers or companies
Allows to register both retail customers and companies. Company data is downloaded from the Company Register.
Give the client an opportunity to rate the service
Client has the opportunity to assess how satisfied they were with the service. Rating system consists of on-screen emojis, accordingly green, yellow and red.
Daily statistics
You will get daily statistics about registrated clients, validated clients and also about feedback about your customer service. You can throw all sorts of competitions between your staff. Only limitation is your imagination.

30 days free

Try it free for 30 days and make sure this is the right solution for You
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Included in a package


ID-card registration
E-mail verification
Phone number verification*
Register retail customers or companies
Disable or enable specific symbols
Age limit
Customizable fields
SSL encryption
Customizable keyboard
Customizable order
Your design
Online stores and webpages
Service rating
Android Tablet 8 inches or 10 inches
new Purchase screen
new Advertisements
new Registration with magnet cards
new Registration with NFC
new Daily statistics
* SMS sent to the client is priced at 0,08/sms, this fee is charged by the SMS provider for sending an SMS.

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